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Your backyard could be an oasis for your family and the local wildlife. You can provide a home for birds, insects and bees with very little effort. Here are some very practical and inexpensive ways to transform your backyard into a magical place for you and your family.

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Bee Friendly Gardening

Your yard should be an oasis for butterflies, birds and bees. Plant flowers and provide a source of water  like bird bath fountains and follow the steps here to to attract bees and here to attract butterflies. Avoid using pesticides and herbicides in your garden. That doesn’t mean you have to surrender your veggies to the bugs, there are plenty of natural ways to get rid of pests and weeds. Get the full tutorial for DIY natural herbicides here and for pesticides here. Get in touch with a gardener near you to learn about the kinds of bee-friendly flowers that suit your climate zone.

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Making a safe, attractive firepit is cheap and easy and you’ll be roasting marshmallows in no time. Having a space for campfires in your own yard means you amp up your star gazing game. Have friends for drinks around the fire and barbecue with that real campfire taste! Making a firepit is a cheap and easy project and it will encourage your kids to spend more time outside. Get a full guide to making firepits here.

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All backyards need a little shade and a spot to relax, eat, drink and be merry. Plan backyard parties without fear that you’ll be rained out. A garden tent will provide welcome shade and an opportunity for fun times with the kids. No need to worry about the weather as garden camping has you covered.

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Ditch the Lawn

Can you have a backyard that is magical and low maintenance? Of course you can! One way to reduce your workload is to shrink your lawn. You can still have a patch for kids to play on, but all that mowing is bad for the environment. There are a number of lawn alternatives that are robust, attractive and (most importantly) don’t need to be mowed.

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Let there be Light

There are many inexpensive solar outdoor light options that are environmentally friendly and practical for your backyard. But if you are going for ambience, then candles are king. The great thing about candles is that they can help to keep bugs at bay. To make some easy DIY bug repellent candles, see the tutorial here.

DIY pallet chairs


Pick a backyard furniture set that is robust and can withstand the weather. If you are handy, you can make your own furniture out of old pallets. Get the instructions here.

Create fun outdoor learning environments for children with play structures, sensory gardens and outdoor games.

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Ponds to Ponder

Adding a water feature really levels up your backyard. It provides water for birds, frogs and insects and creates a peaceful focal point. Ponds don’t have to be hard work and require very little to get started. If you want to be environmentally friendly, you can upcycle your pond from old items like hot tubs, tires or satellite dishes. Here are some tutorials for making your very own water features in a single weekend.


Bird Paradise

Domestic birds are in trouble thanks to loss of habitat and use of commercial pesticides. You can provide a safe haven for birds with a little birdseed and some nesting options. A wonderful holiday project is making birdhouses with your children. Here are some tutorials for upcycling everyday items to make darling domiciles for your feathered friends.



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