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How to Make Your Backyard a Magical Place This Summer

Tired of your kids being glued to their screens? Summers are made for backyard camping, barbecues, laying on the lawn and looking at the clouds and running through the sprinkler on a hot day. Here’s how to make your backyard an irresistible haven this summer.

Club House

An old garden shed makes a perfect clubhouse, but you can also opt for greener versions with a green bean teepee. A couple of poles and some runner beans are all you need for this beautiful hideaway. For a more fragrant version, use sweet peas or morning glory.

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For a permanent shelter, use willow. Willow will provide a beautiful structure in the winter and the leaves will provide shade in the summer. You can get a tutorial for both the bean teepee and the willow hut here.

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Butterflies , Birds and Bees

Your yard should be an oasis for butterflies, birds and bees. Plant flowers and provide a source of water and follow the steps here to attract bees and here to attract butterflies.

butterfly garden how to

Read the post here to learn how to attract birds to your garden and give them a home with these amazing upcycled bird house projects.

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A log and a couple of pebbles are all you need for this adorable bug tic tac toe game.

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Up your muggle game with backyard quidditch. Hang hula hoops from tree branches or mount them on sticks. Now everyone on their brooms! Get instructions on how to play here.

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All you need is an old tire and a piece of wood to make an upcycled see-saw.

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For older kids, a ping pong table is endless fun. Here’s a huge list of outdoor ping pong tables to help you select the right one for your backyard.

There Must be Fairies!

You can create magic through fairies in a number of different ways. Here is an easy tutorial on how to make a broken pot fairy garden.

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Fairy doors are easy to make from popsicle sticks and can go on walls or trees around the house and garden. Get your tutorial here.

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Seating Arrangements

Got an old wooden chair with a dodgy leg? Turn it into this comfy backyard swing with instructions here.

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If you have an old trampoline the kids don’t use any more, upcycle it into this amazing day bed.

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Down the Garden Path

Pathways should meander to create interesting nooks and crannies and add a touch of whimsy. They reduce the amount of lawn you have to mow and can be created from upcycled materials. See the post here for some ideas on how to create beautiful pathways with items you already have.

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And Ponds!

You can make a small garden pond out of upcycled materials like old hot tubs, children’s pools, bath tubs and satellite dishes. Get six ideas from the blog here.


Greenhouses are a Real Feature

Grow your own veggies all year round or use your greenhouse as an oasis in the winter. You can make a greenhouse from new materials or upcycled items. Here are a couple of greenhouses you can make in a weekend.

Upcycling ideas

Shed some Light

All you need to make these lovely tin can lamps is an old can, a nail and a hammer. Make your own designs and paint the cans if you like.

upcycling tin can


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