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5 Ways the Green Initiative is Changing Building

With the world and consumers putting a greater emphasis on being environmentally conscious, the construction industry has had to take notice. There’s been a gradual shift to using more environmentally friendly materials and better practices.

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Top 15 Benefits of Going Solar

With the dwindling supply of non-renewable energy sources, the focus is more than ever on the usage of renewable sources of energy, solar energy in particular. There are numerous benefits associated with going solar.

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7 Amazing Benefits of Using Solar Power in an RV

Solar RV panels

If you were considering buying solar panels for your RV, you’ve probably heard the most common sales pitches like becoming eco-friendly or being able to live off the grid. Here are seven benefits of using solar energy in an RV.

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Why 2017 was a Pretty Good Year for the Environment

camping life

I can understand that you feel like 2017 was a bad year to be a planet, but for every bad-news story, there are little rays of hope, people who stood up and fought or just, you know, recycled. Here are some of the best things that 2017 had to offer.

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