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13 Brilliant Backyard Upcyling Project Ideas

This springtime, move your backyard from Blah to Booyah! with these cheap, fun, easy and sustainable upcycling ideas. Using repurposed items to up your backyard game means you save money, and you save the planet as old items are kept from the landfill.

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10 Great Upcycled Projects for Summer Holidays

If the thought of summer vacation stretching out before you fills you with dread, fear not. Here are some awesome projects to ban boredom without costing a fortune. Be sure to encourage your kids to make their own upcycled and recycled items to play with over the summer holidays.

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How to Attract Birds to your Garden

DIY upcycled bird houses

Birds are a wonderful addition to your garden and can be incredibly entertaining and rewarding to watch. Creating an oasis for birds and other wildlife in your garden provides a welcome reprieve from the urban jungle and a vital source of food and shelter in their ever-dwindling habitats.

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28 Incredible Upcycling Projects for you to do

Upcycled bathtub couch

Reuse, reduce, recycle and upcycle! Upcycling is a new green living trend which repurposes old junk to make amazing new items for your home or office. Upcycled items aren't just good for the environment, they also carry with them a vintage steampunk charm that endears them to those who make them and those very special folks who receive them as gifts. Almost everything in my home is upcycled and I LOVE it! Here are some of our favorite items:

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From Waste to Win: Everyday Art at its Best

Anyone can be an artist. That’s right, even YOU! You just need a little bit of creativity and have the ability to see things that other people might not. I’ve been on a bit of an upcycling kick recently and that’s what led me to find some incredible pieces of upcycled art.

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DIY Upcycled Cocktail Umbrella Lamp


Cocktails were drunk and fun was had by all, now you've got a phalanx of umbrellas (yes, that's right, a phalanx - I looked it up!) You can upcycle those happy little cocktail umbrellas to make a gorgeous lampshade as a memento to good times.

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