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This Adorable BC Tiny House is for the Birds

Are you a fan of the feathered and fluffy? Then this human-sized bird house is the tiny home you’ve been waiting for. Nestled int he forests of British Columbia, this adorable tiny house is built from reclaimed pine felled by a recent wildfire.

tiny house

The home provides shelter for both humans and birds. The builders mimicked a bird’s nest-building style by scavenging local materials to build the 100-square foot hideaway. You gain access to the tiny house via a bridge nine feet off the ground–and it’s just big enough to sleep two humans and a dog comfortably. Polycarbonate panels make up the roof design and let in the beautifully dappled forest light. Two round windows also let light into the tiny home.

tiny house

Twelve bird houses provide homes for feathered friends outside and shelving for plants on the inside.

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