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Green Living Stories to Restore your Faith in Humanity

Every now and again we like to remind ourselves (and you) just how far we have already come and just how much things are changing for the better. Here are some stories that will leave you with the sweet sweet feeling that humans are pretty cool after all. (That includes you, you awesome green warrior you!)

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What did you do with your Prius V today? Exam Cram!

Green living: Prius V

To test the capacity of the Prius V hybrid, we decided to see how many Humber College sustainability students we could cram into the car and still drive around. The students had just completed their three year course in sustainable energy and building technology at the Humber College campus in Toronto.

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What did We do with the Prius Today?

Last year for our ‘Give it up for Earth Day Campaign’ we gave up our car. Now we're giving the Prius V a test drive to see if it suits our green living lifestyle. We've got the Prius for a whole week, so see what we get up to...

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